The book is called A Gringo's Guide to Mexican Wiring and runs some 170 pages. It contains 146 figures and 17 tables. Topics covered include:

  • Similarities and differences between US and Mexican residential wiring: voltages, phases, grounding, conductors, conduits, boxes and rings, fusing, outlets and switches, 3-way circuits
  • How to trace circuits
  • Upgrading existing wiring: switches and outlets, GFCI's, grounding, surge and brownout protection, main and subpanel replacement, LED selection, multiple meters
  • Low voltage wiring: wired vs wireless, internet, telephone, doorbell/intercom, television
  • New construction: device selection, sample specifications, sample electrical plans
  • Remodeling:  many examples showing circuit tracing, problem diagnosis, step by step changes

The Table of Contents for the book may be viewed here: A Gringo's Guide to Mexican Wiring TOC

The book is available only as a PDF, and it is about 10 MB in size. It is formatted to print on standard letter sized paper, or you can simply read it on your PC. In addition to the book itself, the order includes both English and Spanish language files of the Specifications for new construction which are discussed in the book. If you decide to build a new house, you can modify these using Microsoft Word. Also included is an Excel file containing a Bill of Materials for the electrical parts called out in the Specifications. The BOM includes hyperlinks for all the items listed. Again, this can be easily updated for your house. All of the documents are included in a single ZIP file that you download after placing your order.

You need a PayPal account to pay for it. After making the payment, you will receive an Order Confirmation. At the bottom of the confirmation there is a link for the download. To order, please click below: